About Us
1. General Information
Dalian Development Area Foreign Enterprise Service Co., Ltd, (DDA FESCO) is a governing unit of China Association Foreign Service Trades. It’s established in June 1st 1994 approved by Dalian municipal government. Now DDA FESCO has become the most competitive local developed Human Resource Service institution in Dalian.
In the past 20 years’ development, DDA FESCO has accumulated the rich experience and maintained well relations with government. Meanwhile, it has formed a multi-service system with its Human Resource service as the core. Following the principle of ‘Aspiring Excellence, Surpassing Expectation’,DDA FESCO has been unceasingly perfecting its service product and enhancing its service quality. Also, to have the customers feel its expertise, carefulness and consideration, DDA FESCO has been devoting itself to satisfying the growing customized demands all the time.
2. Major Service Products
1) Recruiting
Recruiting process outsourcing, campus recruiting,  Principle-agent recruiting, headhunting.
2) Payroll and benefits service
Basic personnel management service, file keeping, payroll, legal benefits and welfare service.
3) Individual income tax service.
4) Training and development
To integrate training resources, and provide customized and tailored professional training.
5) International employee service
Visa, City tour, home search, driving license.
6) Company registration service
To go through procedures of registration, extension and amendment of foreign investment enterprises and representative offices.
7) Translation
To provide multiple language translation.
Typical Clients